Promoting your film: teaser videos

So, you’ve completed the filming, the editing is all done, and you’re left with a stunning and scintillating film that will have reviewers and audiences alike shouting for more, but the only problem is - how do you promote it? Well, there’s a few tricks and tips that you can apply to get the attention your film deserves. From creating a website, to working social media like a PR pro, the key is to galvanise as many platforms as you can.

Yes, starting off with a website is perfect, as it gives your film it’s own little corner on the web, social media promotion too is an invaluable way to share your slice of cinematic excellence. However, above all else, a teaser video is what will ignite the biggest spark of interest.

Think about it for a moment - nine times out of ten, you will have gone to see a film thanks to a trailer. Yes, sometimes a review, or recommendation, from a friend will do it - but the trailer is an all important factor in getting a film its first flush of exposure. What a trailer does is splice together some of the best snippets of a film into a two minute long explosion, demanding that you go and see it.

Don’t be coy, be bold

Coyness is a killer in the arts, especially when trying to promote something. You’ve spent months, or maybe years working on a film, you and your team, cast et al, have worked so hard to create something, so don’t you dare think it’s time to be reserved. No, your teaser video needs to be bold, showing the best and most intriguing aspects of your film, leaving a potential audience hungry for more!

Writing in REUP, Procion says: “You only have a small amount of time to get someone attention, make sure you put your best foot forward and excite people right out of the gate! Take whatever you think is the most catchy part of your trailer and put it first, that way people are engaged right away. It's also an old writer's' trick, because if you put your best foot forward first, then it forces you to come up with even better stuff after it. You end up "one-upping" yourself over and over until the "best" part of your trailer ends up only being the intro to an even better video.”

Use a voiceover

You can be a little creative with a teaser video, if you want. Going all-out Hollywood and featuring a voiceover would be an awesome little touch, this is a promotional video after all, so make sure your voiceover script is short, sharp, and to the point. When you speak, do it with enthusiasm, with the undertone of an authoritative Sergeant Major.

Make it fun

Even if you’re creating a teaser video for a blood curdling horror flick, you need to have fun whilst doing it. A teaser video is the most efficient way to get the message across, so having fun, playing around with different styles, and really throwing yourself into it will is the best process.

All out promotion

Now that you’ve got your teaser video, it’s time to promote it, on Twitter and Facebook, the most attention-grabbing videos are always at, or just under two minutes long. In the world of social media, even something at five minutes long be akin to posting the unedited version of ‘Casablanca’. Creating a YouTube channel, adding the teaser video as your channel intro is a sure fire way to garner some interest too, especially if you feature a selection of “making of” videos along side it.