The best video editing apps for iPhone movies

 Video editing apps

As we’ve spoken about before, you can make some awesome videos with a simple iPhone: “Shooting a video with your phone has come a long way since those grainy clips you used to share on Yahoo Messenger back in the day. Focusing on the iPhone here, the video components in the latest models comprise a handsome amount of technology, including optical image stabilisation, which all help in giving you the ability to shoot stunning 4K footage.”

But what about editing your iPhone videos? Well, you could upload them to your laptop and start editing away in something like Adobe Premiere, but there are some nifty little apps on the market that can do just as good a job, in fact you can often be spoilt for choice. Here’s a list of the best editing apps for iPhone movies.

1. Splice

Splice is a genius app that is just as good as iMovie in its abilities. Its functionality is very easy to get to grips with, giving you the ability to add visual effects and filters, add audio and music directly from the app or from your library, as well as letting you export video in 1080p.

Writing in LifeHacker, Thorin Klosowski says, “Splice makes quickly editing video together simple, and the clip editor makes precise trimming less of a chore than it is in other apps. Splice also packs in built-in filters for making your videos look a little more stylized, text overlays for adding in cool text effects, and a big library of audio to add in music or sound effects.”

2. FilmoraGo

If you want to seriously create a beautiful film, then FilmoraGo is the app for you. It’s more for the discerning iPhone movie maker who wants something ethereal, but who doesn’t want to spend too much time fiddling with colour corrections and other things. You basically choose from one of the Hollywood style themes and you’re good to go.

3. iMovie

There’s a reason why iMovie remains so popular, because it is one of the very best video editors you can get with iOS. Offering you a wealth of editing abilities, with the added bonuses of choosing to include photos, themes etc, also you the environment you’re editing in is designed to get the best out of a project, so you can add other things like basic transitions and slice the video to your liking. iMovie really is the king of video editing apps.


4. Adobe Premiere Clip

Long ago, Adobe saw the potential of creating iOS apps similar to their software, probably to entice users to seek out the real things, but they have done an awesome job in providing us apps that function smoothly: Adobe Premiere Clip is one of them.

Essentially, this app is cool for simple tasks, giving you the options to mix videos and images, split clips and add a soundtrack, however it also gives you the options to work on lighting adjustments for exposure, highlights and shadows.

5. Cameo

Cameo is simply gorgeous! It does all the things you want, video trim, reordering, custom audio adjustment etc, but also you’ll get a huge range of soundtracks to add, and on the latest device you can save up to 4K.