The daily film: Becoming a better filmmaker

 Becoming a better filmmaker

There are many ways you can become a better filmmaker, in this post we will give you a few helpful tips. A starter is the simple act of goal setting, by setting yourself a few goes on learning a certain technique or doing something a number of times until you get it right, this is the most effective way to begin a campaign to become the filmmaker you know you can be.

Daily filming

Taking your video camera on a daily walkabout is a great way to become better at your passion. From countryside walks to city excursions, simply whipping out the camera and filming something will get you accustomed to knowing the right moment to shoot. Experiment with angles and scenes, to really hone your skills.

Pay attention to your favourite films

If you’re a film connoisseur, then you’re bound to have a wealth of films you call your favourites. There’s going to be myriad reasons as to why these are your favourite films and one of those is going to be how it’s shot. So, take a closer look at these films in an analytical way, work out those minute details that work to make certain scenes so special for you.

Always push yourself

Continually pushing yourself to become better is what all the great filmmakers have done, as Donal Foreman explains:

“Every film you make should teach you something you didn’t know before, and achieve something you didn’t know you were capable of. This doesn’t mean you have to go out every time and do something that you have no idea how to do. You should draw on the skills and techniques you’ve already learned—but if you’re not building on them, if you’re not pushing yourself further in some way, you’re playing it safe. It will show.”

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Be quality driven

Sure, this might sound like something you’d hear from a marketing team leader, but it’s true - when it comes to making films or any art for that matter. Being quality driven, always striving for the best, is the one of the keys to becoming a great filmmaker, making sure every last detail is perfect, even if your audience isn’t likely to even notice it.

Always listen

One of the worst traits to possess as a creative, is to hold the view that you know it all. Even if you’ve worked in the film industry for 20 years, there’s always going to be someone who’s been in this game a lot longer than you and can impart useful advice. For filmmakers, especially once you’ve nurtured your own style, it’s easy to become set in your ways -  but always remember being a filmmaker is a continual learning curve.

Pay homage, don’t copy

Paying homage to those filmmakers you love is what many filmmakers do, for example, Wes Anderson uses the one-point perspective in all of his films, which is a technique pioneered by the great Stanley Kubrick, Anderson has also paid homage to many other cinematic pioneers in his films, such as Satyajit Ray et al.

However, you should never copy, copying is just something lazy people do, paying homage is about taking certain aspects from your key inspirations, incorporating them into your films and making it your own.