5 Best DSLR cameras with built-In video

 Best DSLR cameras

You might be thinking what the hell are we doing talking about DSLR’s with built-in video when there’s a heap of proper video cameras out there! Well, stay with us, because we’re here to say that you can shoot some of the most exceptional, visually beautiful videos from a DSLR.

In this post, Perspective Pictures have chosen some of the best cameras on the market, which come highly recommended by videographers themselves.

1. Sony A7S

If you’re shooting low light, landscape and general videos that need extra wide shots, the Sony A7S is the perfect camera, one of the first great features is that it has a sensor which captures images in the identical size of a traditional 35mm camera. For example using a 50mm lens captures images at 50mm, there’s no need for additional headache in this respect.

The Sony A7S is the ideal camera for those just treading the waters of videography, as the functions are very easy to get to grips with and the results of a shoot are often mesmerising.

2. Canon 5D Mark III

Being a model from 2012, the Canon 5D Mark III is lacking in certain areas such as 4K capabilities and a flip-out screen, however its autofocus function is still the most phenomenal and it’s capable of shooting pristine images.

Writing in Borrowlenses, Vivian Liu answers the question as to why we’ve included the Canon 5D Mark III is in our list:

“Canon’s ever-popular 5D Mark III may be a photography powerhouse but it works as a video camera as well. Because of its low light performance, stunning image quality, and 41 cross-type autofocus points, the 5D Mark III is the best Canon DSLR for video (as of this writing) and leads the field when it comes to autofocus points and low-light performance.”

3. Canon EOS 80D

The Canon EOS 80D is a camera that has class and sophistication about it, it’s perfectly suited to those looking to shoot videos with ease and also those of you who see a friend in auto-focus. The camera is sturdy and is awesome for shooting action scenes, there’s no irritating blurs that show up.

Another interesting aspect of the Canon EOS 80D, is that the Canon EF lens mount is superb for a range of lenses, so if you’re a lens lover, this is the camera for you.

4. Panasonic Lumix GH4

 Panasonic Lumix GH4

It would be wrong of us not to include a Panasonic model somewhere in this list and the Lumix GH4 is an impressive little camera. The only camera with built-in video where you can easily record more than the standard 30 minutes and the video quality is above most other models out there.

If you’re a videographer sticking to a strict budget, but still desire that quality of more expensive, then the Lumix GH4 is a dream come true.

5. Nikon D3200

As one of the most popular DSLRs for those getting into taking professional photographs, the Nikon D3200 is also a cool little camera to work on your videography too. Comprising some of the most easy to understand functions and modes, this camera is a sure fire hit.

Imaging-Resource explains: “Nikon D3200's video system is surprisingly capable for an entry-level camera; its exposure control and audio recording options in particular going far beyond those of most entry-level cameras.”