How to edit in Premiere Pro

 How to edit in Premiere Pro

It has to be said that Adobe are the kings of their craft. Consistently, for over 20 years, they’ve come up with software that has helped thousands upon thousands of creatives in photography, film, audio - covering the entire spectrum. Adobe Premiere Pro takes the prize as the best video editing software around.

If you’re new to Premiere Pro, it can be a little daunting - with its myriad applications, but that is the reason why Premiere Pro is used by so many in the industry, because it can do so much. For a novice, it only takes a little bit of training, which you can learn quite easily, to master the basics of Premiere Pro.

Yes, there other video-editing software packages around, free options like Lightworks and Shotcut are two examples, but they simply don’t come up to the same standards as Premiere Pro. To begin with, it’s best to just sit down and absorb the structure of the software, before undertaking any editing.

Understanding Premiere Pro

The basic principle of Premiere Pro is that it’s a timeline-based application. So, a clip, or your entire film (however it’s been executed) will be laid out neatly in front of you. Another thing is that you can apply different edits, and if you make a mistake can easily go back and correct them.

In Screenlight, Nick Harauz has listed the 10 features of Premiere Pro you really should know about before undertaking any editing. They include the ability to automate titles to sequence, using the media browser to import clips and moving insert editing in the timeline, which Nick explains: “One of my favorite edits to rearrange clips in the timeline is the move-insert edit. It allows you to move a clip in a sequence without leaving any gaps. Simply hold down cmd+opt on a Mac or ctrl+alt on a PC after selecting a clip and position the clip wherever you want. Notice how the adjacent clip will ripple forward and the spot you removed the clip from closes up so no gap is left. Feel free to watch the short movie below showing the edit.”

 Editing video

Sorting the Specifics

How you go about creating a new project in Premiere Pro is as easy as pie. At first, just block out all the other things you see in the application and focus on that timeline and what’s going to go in it. Once you’ve done this, the process goes as such -

  • Create a new project in Premiere.

  • Import your source clips.

  • Create one or more sequences.

  • Edit your clips or sequences together.

  • Add effects, if desired.

  • Export to desired format.

Over on YouTube, Andrew Thrice gives one of the best crash course videos in getting started with editing in Premiere Pro. He breaks down the process in simple, easily digestible chunks, completely demystifying the process.

If you need any further help in deciphering Premiere Pro, then there are literally hundreds of free online tutorials and entire courses for beginners to really understand how to master it.