Familiar terms

Wouldn’t it be great if people really liked - and really wanted - originality? If asked, most would claim they preferred original and creative movies, games and music. Stale rehashes of old ideas are boring. When faced with a choice couched in these terms, original versus boring, how could anyone opt for the latter?

The final scene

A final scene has to be something that wraps up your films plot in a neat and engaging way. So many times, a film can be a thrilling ride from the beginning to the middle, but trail off into something forgettable towards the end. In this post, we discuss how to get the right chemistry when creating your final scene.

Black and white

There’s something eternally beautiful about black and white film and photography. Having long been a versatile style for filmmakers looking to create differing moods, from minimalist art films - to capturing feelings of nostalgia.

How to edit in Premiere Pro

It has to be said that Adobe are the kings of their craft. Consistently, for over 20 years, they’ve come up with software that has helped thousands upon thousands of creatives in photography, film, audio - covering the entire spectrum. Adobe Premiere Pro takes the prize as the best video editing software around.